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With a unique methodology and a global presence, Smart-X has modernized established theories to maximize the results of businesses, taking them to the next level.

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By examining numerous companies worldwide, Smart-X's methodology recognizes the potential for cost optimization, maximized profit margins, enhanced customer lifetime value (LTV), streamlined processes, and even investment opportunities that your competition may overlook.


Seize the opportunities that your competitors miss

Countless businesses worldwide have been transformed through our expertise. Smart-X has developed its own proprietary tools and assembled a highly qualified team to tackle your company's most ambitious missions.


Cut the expenses and unlock the potential of your available resources.

External investment is often unnecessary, so it may be wise to evaluate your expenses. Smart-X specializes in financial engineering, developing and applying unique financial instruments to optimize the performance of each customized investment and overcome execution barriers.


Smart-X embraces your dreams, executing projects the way you intended, but optimized.

Forget about rigid consulting packages of the past. Smart-X offers the best cost-benefit ratio, our approach is entirely customized to fit your business. Every potential investment undergoes a rigorous pre-approval process, ensuring that every penny is utilized effectively and, if needed, we can also prepare you to receive external funding.


You stand at the threshold of a transformative journey for your business.

At Smart-X, we don't settle for just satisfaction. We believe in continuous improvement, ensuring that the results we deliver continue to bear fruit even after our personalized consulting engagement concludes.

We encourage you to review real results before engaging Smart-X's services.


Philadelphia Digital Investment Banking has revolutionized the market by offering a disruptive strategy that generates increased profits with 100% capital protection and risk-adjusted returns.

ForestAu Green

ForestAu Green is the only SEC-registered and regulated tokenized investment fund aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

X-Pay Bank

A digital bank that stands out by combining cutting-edge technology and financial engineering to simplify the lives of its customers. Experience multi-cross payment, E-POS, M-POS, BaaS, and many other advantages that X-Pay has to offer.


PHL VISION HEDGE FUND & CAPITAL TRUST is a multi-market investment fund managed by experienced professionals across various sectors of SMEs with high potential for recurring revenues and capital appreciation.

M10 Real Estate Fund

A private real estate fund based in the USA that coordinates investments in the construction, management, and sale of innovative projects in this sector. M10 leverages its expertise in outlets, hotels, and residential properties located in countries with high consumption potential, such as Brazil.

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